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Pantyliners, sanitary pads, tampons and incontinence pads. You need it, we got it. In all the sizes and kinds that you need; there’s nothing more personal than your choice of pads or tampons. Moreover, the sensitivity of your vagina changes during your cycle so what feels most comfortable can also change.

Sanature is available at various pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets and of course in our own webshop.


For light flow during your menstruation, for light bladder leaks or perhaps during your ovulation: when you prefer to use pantyliners varies for each and every woman. Sanature pantyliners are made from 100% cotton, breathe better and are free from chlorine and fragrances; making them very suitable for daily use, also for those with sensitive skin.

Sanitary pads

With wings, without wings, long or short. You know best what feels comfortable for you. All our sanitary pads are made from 100% cotton allowing your skin to breathe. It helps to avoid discomfort, a warm feeling and a possible skin irritation, for everyone because all women have delicate skin in this area.

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Incontinence pads

All our Sanature Pro Vivo products are made from 100% natural cotton making them easy to breathe and prevent a warm feeling and discomfort. They offer security, keep the skin dry and help to avoid skin irritation. They are perfect for a comfortable and safe feeling, particularly if you use Sanature Pro-Vivo every day.

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