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Pro Vivo normal

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Suitable for moderate bladder leaks to heavy urinary incontinence. Longer and thicker pads than the Pro Vivo mini plus and it comes with small pleats to allow a more flexible shape. The absorption power provides ultimate protection.

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  • 100% cotton top layer
  • Cotton core
  • Chlorine free
  • Contains SAP
  • Odor Control System; neutralises any odors

Pro Vivo normal

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Pro Vivo normal

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What is the difference between sanitary pads and incontinence products?

Incontinence material is specially made to collect urine. Urine is thinner than menstrual blood, which means that the composition of your dressing differs in terms of absorption power and absorption of different fluids. In addition, incontinence material contains a deodorizer that neutralizes any urine odors. Sanitary towels are specifically made to absorb blood loss and discharge during menstruation, which is often a lot thicker than urine.

Are Sanature incontinence pads reimbursed by health insurance?

Dit is per zorgverzekering en per persoonlijke situatie wisselend. Het beste kun je dit bij jouw verzekering navragen of stuur ons een bericht via ons contactformulier.

What are the advantages of 100% cotton incontinence material?

Incontinence pads are often worn daily and this increases the risk of irritated skin. 100% cotton dressings allow the skin to breathe, keep the skin's natural pH in balance, are naturally super absorbent and feel very soft on the skin. Cotton thus protects sensitive skin and helps prevent skin irritation from the start.

Pro Vivo


Perfectly confident

Why would you settle for less than perfection? Our cotton Pro Vivo pads perfectly support you to feel comfortable and confident.

  • Made of 100% Cotton

  • Full protection

  • Hypo-allergenic