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Pro Vivo mini plus

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Looking for natural protection against moderate bladder leaks? Made from 100% cotton*, these pads will soothe your skin and keep you dry. Thanks to their slim fit and thicker cotton core, they are surprisingly absorbent – all while being comfortable to wear and easy to move in.

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  • Triple protection: Say goodbye to leaks, odours and irritation 
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested 
  • Scientifically proven** to soothe irritated or sensitive skin
  • Free of chlorine, dyes or perfume
  • Medical device: recommended by physical therapists, midwives, nurses, gynaecologists and other experts

*Composition: 100% GMO-free cotton topsheet, GMO-free enhanced-absorbency cotton core, breathable plastic backsheet. Made in Europe using renewable energy. 

**In-vitro testing has demonstrated the soothing effects of the Sanature Pro Vivo line on a reconstructed human vaginal epithelium exposed to an irritating stimulus.

Pro Vivo mini plus

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Pro Vivo mini plus

What is the difference between sanitary pads and incontinence products?

Incontinence material is specially made to collect urine. Urine is thinner than menstrual blood, which means that the composition of your dressing differs in terms of absorption power and absorption of different fluids. In addition, incontinence material contains a deodorizer that neutralizes any urine odors. Sanitary towels are specifically made to absorb blood loss and discharge during menstruation, which is often a lot thicker than urine.

Are Sanature incontinence pads reimbursed by health insurance?

This varies per health insurance and per personal situation. It is best to check this with your insurance company or send us a message via our contact form.

What are the advantages of 100% cotton incontinence material?

Incontinence pads are often worn daily and this increases the risk of irritated skin. 100% cotton dressings allow the skin to breathe, keep the skin's natural pH in balance, are naturally super absorbent and feel very soft on the skin. Cotton thus protects sensitive skin and helps prevent skin irritation from the start.

How should I use these incontinence pads?

To fully enjoy the benefits of our cotton incontinence pads, we recommend pairing them with cotton underpants. Change them every three to four hours or when they start feeling wet. Dispose of them in your regular bin.

Pro Vivo

mini plus

Say goodbye to leaks, odours and irritated skin.

  • 100% Cotton topsheet and core

  • Protects against leaks, odours and irritation

  • Hypoallergenic

  • No chloride, dyes or perfume

  • Dermatologically tested

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