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Sanature Bio Sanitary pads night

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30,5 cm

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Is Sanature Bio 100% compostable?

Yes! Sanature Bio products are fully compostable. The external bags of the pads are made from at least 40% of sugarcane bio-based plastic. They are not compostable but they are easily recyclable.

Does Sanature Bio also have sustainable packaging?

Sanature Bio comes in recyclable packaging made of at least 40% of sugarcane bio-based plastic.

How often should I change my Bio pantyliners or Bio pads?

This is different for each person and depends on your body temperature and amount of bleeding. We recommend changing your pads or panty liners every 4 to 6 hours

How should I dispose Sanature Bio after use?

We recommend to compost your panty liner or pad after use. If this is not possible, our products are 100% biodegradable and they will degrade by themselves in the trash bin. The individual pouches of the pads are also fully compostable of biodegradable. They can be disposed whether in your home compost or in the trash bin. The external bags are partly made of bio-based plastic derived from sugarcane and they are easily recyclable. Therefore, they can be disposed in the plastic containers to be recycled.

Bio sanitary pads

Night with wings

Dreamy flow​

Sleep tight and go with your night flow with our fully biodegradable & compostable Night Pads. We have your back with the extra-absorbent core and longer ultra-thin fit.

  • 100% organic cotton top layer and cotton core​

  • Extremely breathable​

  • 0% Chlorine, perfume or pesticides​

  • Fully biodegradable​

  • Sustainable choice​

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