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For us at Sanature, it is our job to create products that are delicate for your skin and provide you with the protection that you need. On this page you can find the frequently asked questions about our products.

You cannot find your question? Or do you have any suggestions or would like to collaborate? Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on this website.

Packaging changes

Why has the Sanature packaging changed?

Over the past few years, we have been paying a lot of attention to Sanature's brand identity, look and feel. In line with the new website and webshop, our packaging has also been renweded. This fresh new look expresses the softness, the comfort and the naturalness of our 100% cotton-based products taking care of the most delicate skins.

Are the products themselves also changed now?

No worries, we have not changed any of our products. All our products offer the same comfortable protection made of 100% cotton (from top layer to core, inside to outside). Only 100% cotton is more breathable and prevents any skin irritation like bumps or redness Sanature products are the softest for your intimate skin and they are suitable for the most sensitive skins.

How should I dispose the packaging?

We recommend to dispose the plastic packaging in the plastic containers and the cardboard boxes in the wastepaper containers. This way your products’ packaging can be recycled.

Since the new packaging I can't find my favourite product in the store, have there been product changes in the stores?

All products are still available as before, it may perhaps have moved to a different place on the shelves. Otherwise, ask the store employee where you can find your Sanature product.


Are Sanature products washable?

No. Our products are not washable but easy to throw away in the trash. Our tampons are completely biodegradable meaning that you can simply throw them away or compost.

Does Sanature protect just as well as other products?

Yes absolutely, the 100% natural cotton that we use has a naturally super absorbent capacity and therefore has the same absorption capacity as regular dressings and therefore protects against leakage just as well as regular products. In addition, our products are very suitable for even the most sensitive skin because our products are free of chlorine and perfume.

Are all Sanature products hypoallergenic?

Yes, all our products are made from 100% natural cotton. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and keeps the natural pH value of your skin in balance. In addition, our menstrual products are free of chlorine and perfume. This minimizes the chance that allergic reactions will occur.

I am allergic to perfume, can I use Sanature products?

Hell yes! Our menstrual products are free of perfume and therefore very suitable for sensitive skin.

I regularly suffer from itching or skin irritation when I wear (regular) sanitary towels, can I use Sanature products?

Yes, definitely. Our products are made from 100% cotton and are therefore hypoallergenic. This reduces the risk of allergic reactions and keeps the pH of your skin balanced. Our customers report a great comfort and a very good skin tolerance while using our products.

Are all Sanature products breathable?

Yes, because we only use pure cotton. We all know the difference between wearing cotton and synthetic on a hot summer day - the cotton shirt is our favorite on those days! The same goes for menstrual products. Our panty liners and pads are highly breathable thanks to the use of 100% cotton in the top layer and in the core of the product. In addition, our panty liners and pads have a breathable underwear protection on the back, which protects against unpleasant surprises.

What is the best dressing to use during my postpartum period?

We know from experience that many women can experience regular maternity pads as unpleasant because they can scald and do not have a pleasant fit. As an alternative, we recommend using our heavier Pro Vivo incontinence pads. After giving birth, it is absolutely necessary to be gentle on your intimate skin because you are extra prone to vaginal infections. Cotton helps prevent infections and irritations. As soon as you flow less, we recommend using Sanature 100% cotton sanitary pads super. You should not use tampons during this time to prevent infections. If you suffer from pregnancy incontinence, we recommend using our 100% cotton Pro Vivo urine pads.

How do I know which size I need of your products?

Drops are depicted on all Sanature products. These drops indicate the absorption rate and are used throughout the industry. For example, do you always use sanitary pads with 3 drops? Then you can also switch to our sanitary pads with 3 drops. On our product pages you will find all information about a specific product.

Do you also have sample packs?

Yes, we would like to let you experience for yourself how comfortable 100% natural cotton products are. Send us a message via our contact form or mail to which products you would like to try. Do not forget to mention your name and address, we will send it as soon as possible. We are curious what you think!

Why are some Sanature products individually wrapped in plastic?

This is mainly a hygiene issue, because pads often have to be carried in a bag, you cannot put a cotton panty liner open and naked in your bag. Dirt and bacteria can adhere to this, and of course you don't want these near your vagina. In addition, our products can best be stored moisture-free. We continue to optimize our product packaging and work on sustainable alternatives while maintaining the quality of our 100% cotton products.

Where can I buy Sanature products?

Sanature is available at various drugstores, pharmacies and supermarkets. Find a point of sale near you here. You can also buy the entire Sanature range in our own webshop.

Cotton liners and sanitary pads

Are Sanature sanitary pads and pantyliners biodegradable?

No, the back of the bandage is made of breathable plastic and the paper on the adhesive strip is not made of biodegradable plastic. It is therefore best to throw your dressing away in the trash. Please note, it is best to put the plastic packaging with the plastic waste so that it can be recycled and the cardboard box at the old paper.

Do Sanature pantyliners and sanitary pads contain absorbent granules?

No, the 100% natural cotton that we use for our products is by nature already extremely absorbent, so that we no longer need to use extra absorbent granules.

Are Sanature pantyliners and sanitary pads just as absorbent as regular (synthetic) pads?

Yes absolutely, the 100% natural cotton that we use has a naturally super absorbent capacity and therefore has the same absorption capacity as regular sanitary pads and pantyliners.

How often should I change my pantyliners or pads?

This is different for each person and depends on your body temperature and amount of bleeding. We recommend changing every 4 to 6 hours, except at night, by hygiene means.

What are the benefits of 100% cotton sanitary pads?

Cotton is naturally breathable, you know that sweltering feeling when you wear synthetic underwear during exercise or on a hot day, that can cause itching and irritation, this also applies to sanitary towels and pantyliners. That's why Sanature's are made of 100% cotton, both the top layer and the core of the bandage. Cotton is also naturally super absorbent and keeps the natural pH value of your skin in balance. Cotton also feels ultra soft on the skin.

What are Sanature sanitary pads made of?

Sanature sanitary pads consist of a top layer and core of 100% natural cotton. Our cotton is bleached without chlorine and contains no perfume or SAP (absorbent granules). The back of the dressing (the layer that makes sure that you do not leak) is made of a breathable plastic that we developed ourselves, which limits the risk of skin irritation.


What are Sanature tampons made of?

Sanature tampons are made from 100% natural cotton and are free from chlorine, perfume and SAP.

What are the benefits of 100% cotton tampons?

Cotton balances the natural pH value of the vagina and is hypoallergenic. This makes the tampons ideal for the sensitive skin.

Are Sanature tampons biodegradable?

Yes. Sanature tampons can even be composted because they are made of 100% natural cotton. The box can of course be thrown away with the old paper. The plastic wrap around an individual tampon cannot be put on the compost heap. We strive to make this also biodegradable in the future.

Can you flush Sanature tampons down the toilet?

Sanature tampons are biodegradable but this does not mean that you can flush them down the toilet. This could cause blockages.

Can I use a tampon if I have not yet had my period but expect to have one?

No. We recommend that you never use tampons preventively, but only during your period.

How often do I have to change a Sanature tampon?

This differs per person and has to do with the amount of bleeding. We recommend that you change your tampon after 4 hours and never keep it in for longer than 8 hours. In addition, adjust the tampon size to the amount of bleeding. Read more about the suitable size on our tampons product page.

What does the Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) warning on the packaging mean?

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a very rare but serious disease and can be fatal in extreme cases and when the doctor is not consulted in time. The disease is caused by toxins from certain bacteria and can affect men, women and children. About half of all cases of the disease occur by menstruating girls and women. Symptoms that can develop quickly include: sudden high fever (over 39 ° C), dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fainting, skin inflammation similar to sunburn, sore throat and muscle pain. In this case, notify your doctor immediately and let them know that you have your period. Remove the tampon as a precaution. If you have had TSS before, consult your doctor before using this product.

You can avoid TSS with a few simple hygiene measures:
• Wash your hands thoroughly before and after inserting the tampon.
• Only use tampons that are in the original packaging and undamaged.
• Depending on the amount of bleeding, use the smallest size tampon and change your tampons regularly, every four to eight hours.
• Only use one tampon at a time.
• Even if you are enthusiastic about our Sanature tampons: never wear tampons before your actual period.
• It is also important to remove the tampon and contact a doctor if you have a high fever during your period.

Do Sanature tampons have a layer that makes insertion easier?

No, Sanature tampons are made of 100% cotton and therefore can feel a bit stiffer in comparison to tampons with a synthetic layer over it. This layer is usually made of plastic. Because your vagina is super absorbent, we believe that only natural materials should come into contact with it, so no plastic that can be absorbed by your body.

Bladder leaks

What is the difference between sanitary pads and incontinence products?

Incontinence material is specially made to absorb urine. Urine is thinner than menstrual blood, which means that the composition of your pads differs in terms of absorption power and absorption of different fluids. In addition, incontinence material contains a deodorizer that neutralizes any urine odors. Sanitary towels are specifically made to absorb blood loss and discharge during menstruation, which is often a lot thicker than urine.

Are Sanature incontinence pads reimbursed by health insurance?

This varies per health insurance and per personal situation. It is best to check this with your insurance company or send us a message via our contact form.

The Pro Vivo line are Medical Devices. What should I know about the Medical Devices usage?

The Pro Vivo products are disposable devices. Re-using them may cause microbial contamination for the user. Even if the Pro Vivo products are hypoallergenic and dedicated to sensitive skins, if the skin becomes severely irritated while using them, you need to consult a medical professional. Any serious incident caused by the medical device shall be reported to the manufacturer and the competent authority of the State in which the user is established. To use the Pro Vivo products, you must remove the adhesive strip and fix the pad to the panties. You can store the Pro Vivo products in a dry cool place. Be careful, the Pro Vivo products should be kept out of the reach of children.

What are the advantages of 100% cotton incontinence material?

Incontinence pads are often worn daily and this increases the risk of irritated skin. 100% cotton pads allow the skin to breathe, keep the skin's natural pH in balance, are naturally super absorbent and feel very soft on the skin. Cotton therefore protects the sensitive skin and helps prevent skin irritation from the start.


How does a subscription work?

1. Put together your package with Sanature products
2. Do you know approximately when your period will start again? Enter your desired delivery date so that you always have the right products in stock
3. Choose whether you want to receive your products every 3, 4 or 6 months.

You can skip, adjust or cancel your package at any time. See it as an extra convenience during your less comfortable days ;)
We will also send you a reminder for each new delivery so that you can change everything in time if necessary. Order your first delivery now!

What are the benefits of a subscription?

Every month it is that time again, you have your period. That is why it seemed convenient to us that you are always provided with your favorite products, so that you are never without them during this time of the month. They are simply delivered to your front door. This way you save both expenses (because with a subscription you get a discount on your products) and on a walk to the nearest drugstore.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can change the composition of your products at any time. You can do this on your personal account page.

Is there a cancel period?

We want to make your cycle as pleasant as possible, so you can cancel your subscription at any time in your personal customer account or by sending an email to Are you not satisfied or do you have other wishes? Let us know and we can look for the right solution together. Do you want to skip a period? Then you can also adjust this in your personal account up to 5 days before your next delivery.

Online orders

How can I track my order?

As soon as your order has been shipped you will receive an e-mail with a “track & trace” code explaining how to track your order. If you need help, send us an email at and we'll be happy to help you.

I have entered my shipping address incorrectly. What can I do?

Send us an email directly at and state your order number, full name as stated with your order and of course do not forget the correct shipping address.

How are the packages shipped?

The packaging consists of a discreet cardboard box, your products and an order label.

My order has not yet been delivered or is damaged. What can I do?

Send an email to Name your order number and full name as stated with the order.

When will my products be delivered?

If you order before 10.30 pm, we will ensure that the order is packed and shipped the same day. When you will receive the package differs per country.

Is shipping free?

Shipping can be free. Check the conditions per country:
The Netherlands: free shipping from € 20
Belgium: free shipping from € 20
Germany: free shipping from € 30

Other shipping costs The Netherlands:
order value up to € 10> shipping costs € 6.75
order value € 10 to € 15> shipping costs € 4.49
order value € 15 to € 20> shipping costs € 2.25

Other shipping costs Belgium:
order value up to € 12> shipping costs € 6.75
order value € 12 to € 15> shipping costs € 4.49
order value € 15 to € 20> shipping costs € 3.49

Other shipping costs Germany:
order value up to € 15> shipping costs € 8.49
order value € 15 to € 20> shipping costs € 4.99
order value € 20 to € 30> shipping costs € 3.75

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany through our own Sanature webshop. We are busy shipping our products to even more countries. Keep an eye on social media and sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about our latest news.

For which purposes is my personal data used?

We use personal information so that we can provide you with the best service. We will never disclose personal information. You can read more information in our privacy policy, click here.

Which payment methods can I use to pay in the webshop?

We make use of: iDEAL (NL / BE), VISA (NL / BE / DE / UK), MasterCard (NL / BE / DE / UK) Apple Pay (NL / BE / DE / UK), Bancontact (BE), Giropay (DE), SOFORT Banking (DE)

What are your return conditions?

Returns are always possible. At Sanature you get a 30-day reflection period. By returning, you also make use of your right of withdrawal. The 30-day reflection period starts from the moment you receive your order. You can return your product by sending an email to and mentioning that you are returning the product. Then return the product in the original packaging including invoice to:
Sanature BV
Lipsstraat 50 F
5151 RP Drunen
The Netherlands

Sanature Bio

What makes Sanature Bio different from the other products of Sanature?

"Bio" is the best definition for the line that is composed by a 100% organic cotton topsheet, a 100% cotton core and a compostable backsheet, made of GMO-free corn starch-based bioplastic. The individual pouch, present to protect the pads, is also made of the same compostable GMO-free corn-starch-based bioplastic. This makes the products fully compostable in your personal home compost. Sanature Bio products are 100% vegan and free of irritants, chemicals like chlorine or pesticides. The packaging of the pads is made of recyclable plastic consisting of at least 40% sugarcane-based bioplastic. Our Sanature Bio products are taking a step forward in more sustainability with a positive impact on the environment. Indeed, the compost produced is reusable to help growing your plants and flowers in your garden.

Has Sanature's basic assortment changed now?

No, Sanature’s core products remain unchanged. Our products are made of 100% cotton and specifically suitable for sensitive skin. Cotton is super absorbent, hypoallergenic and keeps your skin's natural pH balance. In addition, our menstrual products are free of chlorine and perfume.

Is Sanature Bio 100% compostable?

Yes! Sanature Bio products are fully compostable. The external bags of the pads are made from at least 40% of sugarcane bio-based plastic. They are not compostable but they are easily recyclable.

Does Sanature Bio also have sustainable packaging?

Sanature Bio comes in recyclable packaging made of at least 40% of sugarcane bio-based plastic.

How often should I change my Bio pantyliners or Bio pads?

This is different for each person and depends on your body temperature and amount of bleeding. We recommend changing your pads or panty liners every 4 to 6 hours.

How should I dispose Sanature Bio after use?

We recommend to compost your panty liner or pad after use. If this is not possible, our products are 100% biodegradable and they will degrade by themselves in the trash bin. The individual pouches of the pads are also fully compostable of biodegradable. They can be disposed whether in your home compost or in the trash bin. The external bags are partly made of bio-based plastic derived from sugarcane and they are easily recyclable. Therefore, they can be disposed in the plastic containers to be recycled.

Is the Bio range also suitable for my sensitive skin?

Our Bio products range is also made of cotton. Therefore, the Bio products are as skin-friendly as our regular cotton-based range.

Which Sanature products are available in the bio variant?

Sanature panty liners super (extra long), Sanature sanitary pads normal (extra thin with wings) and Sanature sanitary pads Normal Night (extra thin with wings).

Where can I buy Sanature Bio?

Santure Bio products are available at Kruidvat (The Netherlands and Belgium) and Trekpleister stores.