In 2008 Sanature was founded by Erik van den Boogaard. Really? A man? YES!

As an entrepreneur Erik was in search of a unique product. It was during his search that he discovered that a considerable large group of woman experience certain problems when using feminine hygiene products such as pantyliners, sanitary pads and tampons.  Furthermore, he noticed that in the feminine hygiene market very few innovations had taken place in the past years. He quickly realised that this market needed a new unique product, and founded Sanature: “At the beginning of Sanature I noticed that women do not readily switch brands as they are loyal to the brands they use. Very often there is no real conscious consideration of any alternatives as the products used during menstruation are considered more or less as a necessity. In recent years, I have noticed that there has been a shift in the market of feminine hygiene products. Woman are more aware of the choices they can make in hygiene products and are prepared to give Sanature a chance. Our mission as a company is to contribute positively to the everyday life of all women by offering a product that prevents irritation during the menstruation.”

In Sanature’s early years the products were only readily available in pharmacies. Since 2014 the company’s goal is to make Sanature accessible to all woman. In our view, all women should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of cotton. Now Sanature’s products are available at stores such as the Kruidvat, Etos, Trekpleister and Jumbo.