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About Sanature

Since our start in 2008, a lot has changed in the market of menstruation and bladder leak protection/urinary incontinence products. A lot more brands and products have come on the market and also the awareness among women has grown immensely. More and more women want to know what’s inside the products they use and what effect it will have on health and the planet. In the beginning, Sanature was sold exclusively at pharmacies and people came into contact with it through the recommendations of skin specialists and midwives, but now we are stocked in a growing number of drugstores and supermarkets. We are working hard on making Sanature more available to as many women as possible. Moreover, we also want to raise awareness about the delicacy of your intimate skin and all the sensitivities that come into play with menstruation or bladder leaks. For us, our goal is to offer all women comfort, even in moments that aren’t that comfortable. We want to take care of women, offer security in times of menstruation and bladder leaks. We want to provide protection to women with all skin types, we are all equal in wanting to protect our delicate skin.

Sanature believes in the power of vulnerability. It’s endless possibilities and the beauty thereof. By bearing it all, embracing all our insecurities, allows us to create space for beauty, care and connected commitment; with our own body and the world around us.

By making high-quality cotton products that are kind to your skin and the planet and by always being open to the experiences of our users. But also by sharing our knowledge and by collaborating with the right partners and institutions who are striving for a common goal.

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