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Protect your most delicate skin

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The skin around your vagina might be the most delicate part of your body. Sanature pantyliners, sanitary pads, tampons and incontinence pads made from 100% cotton allow your skin to breathe and offer you complete comfort and full protection. We care about your most delicate skin and provide you with the security where and when you need it most.

The power of 100% cotton

All our products are made from 100% cotton; from the top layer to the core, inside and out. Only 100% cotton breathes better, feels comfortable throughout the day and night and helps to prevent skin irritation like bumps or redness. Sanature’s super soft quality is the best you can offer your delicate skin and is very suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Let’s talk about skin

It’s safe to say that it’s the most sensitive skin on your body. We’re talking about the skin around your vagina, or actually the vulva. Not many women are aware of the delicateness of the skin of this part of your body. But in reality, for many women, this is extra sensitive, because of their genes, age or because they’ve just given birth. Sanature’s 100% cotton products are therefore advised by skin specialists and midwives as the ultimate solution for sensitive skin.

But you know what, not all women have very sensitive skin. Yet every woman does have a delicate, thinner skin around the vagina and every vagina reacts quickly to the materials that come in contact with that area. Skin can feel suffocated by synthetics which can also lead to the absorption of unnatural materials by the skin. Cotton is a natural product and allows the skin to breathe and prevents irritation like itchiness or discomfort. Sanature is made from 100% cotton and above all, is free from chlorine bleaching and fragrances.

Protect what’s delicate

For us at Sanature, it’s our job to protect what’s delicate. By developing not only 100% cotton high-quality products that are mild for your intimate area, but also by creating a safe space for the sensitivities that go hand-in-hand with menstruation and bladder leaks. At the end of the day, these are issues experienced by many women and are issues that don’t make us different but equal.

We take strength in vulnerability. Without vulnerability, there’s no sensitivity, no beauty, no intimacy with ourselves and others. So let us all embrace our sensitive side and create a safe space with room for everyone.

Our story

Why Sanature?

Made from 100% cotton
Breathes better
Chlorine and fragrance free

Sanature by mail

It might happen that your preferred product is not in stock in your local shop. Or the shops might be closed while your monthly cycle is still ongoing. Lucky you, because now you can order all our products online. We can send all our products to you with great care. Want to automatically receive your preferred products? Choose when ordering for “order more”, then we can make sure that you always have a supply at home.

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'I have been using Sanature pantyliners for six months now. I used to have urinary tract infection with great regularity. I was advised to use only cotton pantyliners and was told that the products of Sanature were of good quality. Since I started using Sanature I have never had urinary tract infection again. I think it is a great product of very good quality.'


I’m so happy your products are finally for sale in Germany! I moved from The Netherlands to Germany a couple of years ago and I couldn’t find a good replacement here. So, I let some friends send me some or I’d order it straight from the Dutch website, the team was super friendly to me. I have a very sensitive vagina and I basically can only wear Sanature without my vagina burning, Sanature is a goddess-send!

Esther (38)

"A few years ago I developed an internal skin allergy, which sounds terrible and it was, both physically and mentally, because the GP had no advice for months. My mom eventually discovered that the tampons I used contained synthetic fibres, perfume and chloride. My body couldn't take that after all these years ...
So I switched brands and chose Sanature. The allergy disappeared immediately and I have never had any problems since. Sanature is made of 100% cotton, which is hypoallergenic and breathes better."⁠⠀


"I consciously use sanitary pads and tampons that are safe and good for my body. But also during a completely different phase of life; when I had just become a mother, I used Sanature against the blood loss after giving birth.⁠⠀
I changed to Sanature sanitary towels after wearing a maternity bandage. I have always felt very good about it. 100% cotton, hypoallergenic and breathable. Actually everything you wish for yourself in that time. So if you are not yet familiar with it, take advantage of it! "⁠⠀


'Recently tried these out and must say I am very impressed! They are comfortable as made of cotton but better still as they're not so bulky, I found them easier to wear too.
Would recommend!'


'The products are made of cotton and are very comfortable. They do what they promise. I’ve tried them all and find this brand superior. I can recommend all the products unequivocally.'


'I recently used these products just after giving birth and found them so much more comfortable than other brands. They are soft and breathable and made the 'postbirth discomfort' I was feeling, more manageable and allowed me to sit more comfortably too.'

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